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Who may access this passwords site

  1. The material on this server is adult oriented and/or sexually explicit, and is related to material of an adult nature.
  2. This site provides access to images of nude adults possibly engaging in sexual acts.
  3. Access is made available only to those who accept the terms of the following agreement:

Information about our passwords

  1. Although we describe our site as one that offers "gay passwords" we assure you that we DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ENGAGE IN OR CONDONE ANY HACKING, CRACKING, OR OTHER SUCH POTENTIALLY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.
  2. Our site simply scans various URLs (as a search engine does) looking for posted passwords to adult sites and reports them on our homepage. This public information is provided to our visitors free of charge with no guarantees. This information may be used by adult site webmasters to gauge the security of their sites. Furthermore, many webmasters, in an attempt to gain exposure for a new adult website, will intentionally post their passwords in a place where our site may find them and post them on our homepage. Please use your own good judgment when deciding what to do with the information you see on our site.
  3. When a customer "signs-up" to an adult service to become a member, they electronically sign a contract with the adult service in question. By electronically signing this contract they agree to, among many other things, that they will not give out their username and password. Some customers or members do not comply with this contract. Hence the need for a service like "Young Gay Passwords". Please use it to protect your site from contract breaking customers/members. In no way is "Young Gay Passwords" condoning or participating in any illegal act.
  4. If you are an adult webmaster and your password is listed here we'll be more than happy to remove it from the list forever and even assist you to prevent password thefts from your system in the future. Feel free to contact us.
  5. As an alternative, here is a letter we received. As most webmasters know, there are thousands of sites and newsgroup postings that give out passwords to membership sites. With VERIFY,a password from a membership site can be posted on every web site and every newsgroup on the internet and only 5% of web surfers will be able to enter the secure directory, versus 100% with current protection methods.Only the original user of the password from the original computer the password was used from will be able to access the secure directory. This is because VERIFY tags the password with the dial-up IP/domain of the original user.
  6. Some of the adult webmasters actually sponsor password sites. The sponsors keep them going. All the sites have banners. These pirates are not crusading zealots, they are entrepreneurs. In addition, some of these sites are actually hosted by an adult site webmaster! One is hosting a page for free in exchange for a pop-up window to his site! He's a webmaster that's using sites like this to his advantage. Some adult webmasters actually send their own passwords to the password sites, give people a peek, then invalidate the passwords a day or so later. If a pass gets posted in this manner, it's free advertising for a site! Some of the less reputable adult webmasters pretend to be hackers, and send in false passwords that only lead to their sign-up page. Sometimes these scam passwords get posted.
  7. If you find stolen or compromised passwords at these pages, we'd advise you not to use them for a lot of reasons. The person who bought the password and revealed it to these sites has certainly broken his contract with the provider. If you swipe a password for a site you like, you keep the site developer from being able to make his profit necessary to keep it up or develop more. If you swipe a password for a site you DON'T want to visit ... well, what is the point to that? By using the passwords, you may be guilty of a computer crime in many countries. In the USA, you may or may not be breaking any laws by using a stolen password, but you may be subject to civil litigation if you materially affect somebody's ability to do business.