Gay Passwords Exchange Program

The main rules of passwords exchange program

Additional rules

  1. Do not change password for website after submission.
  2. Do not submit any accounts from "Free Gay Passwords List" and "Elite Gay Passwords List" of this site.
  3. You can find and submit active accounts from "Dead Gay Passwords List".
  4. Use only one e-mail address for this exchange program.
  5. Submitted usernames and passwords will be listed on this site.
  6. Allowed to specify preferences of passwords in comments.
  7. We send only gay passwords in return once a day. Please be patient and wait for our next update.

Passwords exchange form

We recommend:,,
Our e-mails may be rejected: @gmx, @aol, @aim, @yahoo, @ymail, @sky, @me, @rocketmail, @mail.

Don't write usernames and passwords in comments.

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